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Meet The Faces Behind Peaking Zebra

We’re Cassidy and Chris, the proud owners of Peaking Zebra Productions. We’re excited to share our story with you and hope that you enjoy getting to know us better too!

We started this business because of our passion for storytelling, and our chosen medium to do that is through video. Often times, videos are just a layer of visuals and music without a purpose. Arguably the most important layer of a video is the audio that narrates the story, whatever that story may be. All three of these elements complement each other and need each other to tell the whole story and keep the audience engaged. This goes for weddings, corporate, not-for-profit, lifestyle, real-estate and event videos. Although it may seem like we’re predominantly in the wedding industry, our backgrounds first started in the corporate/not-for-profit video production world. Our style is more of an authentic lifestyle documentary approach, yet still polished and well-produced as if every shot was scripted.

Peaking Zebra Productions has been in business since June 2017. Chris studied Audio Engineering at Algonquin College and Cassidy studied Film & Media Studies at Queen’s University for four years. Cassidy has been filming weddings on the side since 2013 and Chris joined her shortly after. We both met while working for another video production company from 2014 to 2017 that focused mainly on corporate and not-for-profit video projects. We had a great experience there learning and preparing ourselves for where we are today!

When we launched the business, it was right in the thick of wedding season. From June to November it was, go, go, go, weddings! Since then over the winter, we’ve had time to breathe and grow relationships with other clients outside of the wedding industry. Our portfolio is definitely expanding and it’s very exciting. At this point, we have likely produced a video across most niches.

We find working with new people on every project the most enjoyable part of our work. We love to collaborate, share ideas, and learn new things every day. Whether it’s learning a new outlook on life through inspiring stories or working with other creatives to learn a new approach to film editing, nothing feels more rewarding than knowing we help make an impact in a business, community, or family, through our final pieces.

Our business philosophy is to treat every video like it’s our own. If we’re not proud of it, why should you be? We put our heart and soul behind every edit. We won’t settle for less. We take the necessary amount of filming and editing time required to provide our clients with the videos they deserve. As individuals, we believe what sets us apart from the others are our values of honesty, integrity, and respect.

We attribute our business’ success to quality service in every area. In terms of customer service, we try to always reply to emails within hours. In terms of video production, we have sharp attention to detail in both filming and editing. There are twenty-four video frames in a second, and we pay an equal amount of attention to every one of them. We make sure the audio is clear, the colours are balanced, the visual clips match the narration, and everything together flows flawlessly. We are like hawks when looking for repetition within the video to make sure the final product is as concise and purposeful as possible.

Our most satisfying moment in business is hearing that our videos have encouraged people and/or provided smiles, laughs, and tears. This motivates us to continue passionately creating powerful video narratives for our clients. We have no hidden agenda and want to produce a video that authentically reflects the subject. This has given us immense satisfaction over the years. But most recently, another satisfying moment in business for us was winning the Ottawa Wedding Awards 2018 People's Choice Award for Best Videography. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! It was both very humbling and invigorating.

When we are not at work, you can find Cassidy on the soccer field, cuddling with her cats and/or watching Netflix with her boyfriend Stanley. You can find Chris leading worship music at his church, breaking a sweat at MMA and/or tending to his house plants with his wife Marlee.

Thank you for reading this far about the things that matter to us and how they influence the way we do business. If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in video production and editing, we invite you to get in contact.

Can’t wait to start a visual dialogue with you!

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