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Whatever your story, whatever the format, we have the experience and the skills to tell that story for you.


Growing up, Cassidy and Chris each stumbled upon their family camcorders at a young age. Yes, they were those kids forcing their siblings to be in all their silly home videos. Their hobby became their passion and their passion became their field of secondary education. In 2014, after Chris graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering at Algonquin College and Cassidy graduated with a degree in Film & Media at Queen’s University, their paths finally crossed and they worked together in the corporate video production world for a few years.


Meanwhile, Cassidy had been filming weddings on the side since 2013, and eventually, she hit a point where it was time to grow. She invited Chris to film alongside her at one wedding, and as they say, the rest is history. In June 2017, and with a lot more weddings under their belt, Chris and Cassidy officially became Peaking Zebra Productions. 


Filmmaker / Editor / Ravenclaw

When we are not at work, you can find Cassidy on the soccer field, cuddling with her cats and/or watching Netflix with her boyfriend Stanley. You can find Chris leading worship music at his church, breaking a sweat at MMA and/or tending to his house plants with his wife Marlee. 


Our portfolio is definitely expanding and it’s very exciting. At this point, we have likely produced a video across most niches. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to start the conversation here


Filmmaker / Editor / Gryffindor

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"All I can say about this whole experience is: this is what it feels like to have a dream come true. I have so many visions, and I've never been able to have them come true in front of my eyes. But honestly, you guys literally took my vision and seamlessly pushed it in front of my face. I love all of this." 

- Shalini 
Shalini & Vineet Wedding Film