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Your Brand Deserves
More Than Stock Footage

We eventually met in the corporate video world, but it didn't quite feel right.

We craved a more personal approach focused on understanding your unique brand story and crafting videos that genuinely connect with your audience. 


We're a team of passionate storytellers who go beyond just being camera operators and video editors.

Meet the Storytellers

Tired of generic videos that blend into the background? At Peaking Zebra, we believe your brand deserves a video as unique and engaging as you are.


Our journey began with a shared interest in capturing life's moments on film—remember those unforgettable (or perhaps slightly cringe-worthy) childhood home videos, anyone? Fuelled by that initial passion, we embarked on professional paths in video production. Chris pursued Audio Engineering, while Cassidy refined her skills studying Film and Media.


Get to Know Us

Meet the Zebras


I'm Cassidy, the Zebra you'll likely chat with over email.

When I'm not behind the camera, you might catch me wrangling my two

internet-famous cats,

Beauty and the Bean @beautynthebean, or diving into a good book!

My favourite part of the creative process is editing—where the magic really happens. Some of my creative strengths include next-level organization, keen attention to detail, and always having a back-up plan. When filming, I'll be your biggest hype person, complete with thumbs up, head nodding, and constant smiling!


I'm Chris, the Zebra you'll likely see out in the wild at a shoot! When I'm not behind the camera, you might catch me recording music or exploring the great outdoors.

My favourite part of the creative process is storytelling, where I amplify others' voices on what matters most to them. Some of my creative strengths include steady handheld shots, licensed drone piloting, and precise colour correction. When filming, I'll be your guide, asking the right questions, unlocking untapped perspectives, and building a connection

that will last.

We don't just produce videos, we tell stories.

Your brand deserves a tailored touch, something special that captures its unique personality and values. That’s why we collaborate closely with you  to understand your brand story and produce videos that authentically represent what makes you, you.

Emotions drive connection. Our videos go beyond dry facts and figures.
We harness the power of storytelling to connect with your target audience on a deeper level.


Whether it’s humour, inspiration, or a dose of real talk,
we'll create a video that resonates and builds trust with your viewers.

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